Groveville United Methodist Church Prayer Minsitry

Hello subscribers! You subscribed because you’re interested in what may be happening at Groveville UMC…right? Well, since you asked I will tell you about our prayer ministry. A little over a year ago a small group of brothers and sisters in Christ came together on a Thursday evening to not only lift up the prayers of our church, but to make sure they are cared for.

I had been convicted (and the bible confirms) that God has no need of our prayers. It’s utterly foolish to think that the God of the universe needed us to tell him who needs help. He knew long before we did. So, why do we pray? Looking to ourselves, its to enrich our relationship with God. Having a conversation with Him, hearing His voice and seeing how He responds to us. When Christ died upon the cross, the temple curtain split in two from top to bottom- Matthew 27:51. This was the curtain that separated what was called the holy of holies from the rest of the temple. Read about it here. The place that could be entered only once a year by a priest to make a sacrifice. This tearing of the curtain was not a violent act. It was (and is) an invitation for us to enter and to speak directly with God. No longer was and intercessor like a priest needed. God invited us to a deep and direct personal relationship with Him. Our prayers are part of this deep personal relationship.

Forgetting about ourselves, why would God want us to pray? Many reasons…and I invite you to comment about why you think God wants us to pray. For me, it is to be mindful of others just as He is. And to that end, it was no longer sufficient to add a name to a prayer list and forget about it. We needed to pray and follow along on an individuals journey to health and well being and stay with them until we could give God our thanks and praise for His answer to our prayers. This lead to a prayer ministry that included reaching out…checking on people with cards and phone calls and in a cyclic way deepening our faith and our personal relationship with the Master of the universe. Thank you Lord Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to move us to take on this ministry!

Perhaps you would like to join us in this ministry. We meet on Thursday nights in the Church at 7:00PM. We review each need and update it where possible and having done so, join in unison prayer, asking God for His mercies and His blessings.

If you can’t make it for our meeting, but you have something to say or a need to lift up, send us an email at

Thanks and God Bless you.

Mike Golden

A Lion In A Cage

I am the Lion locked in the cage pacing the floor. I am the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the fires set before. I am the cliches of writers past-of their darkness & struggles, living a life constantly charging through rubble. I am a warrior, a fighter, a back handed smile, a no choice given, too young, too delicate infantile. Searing pain messed up brain with a body too young to be failing. I’m 27 I’m 28 this part was supposed to be honey and smooth sailing. Day in day out stuck within these prison walls. Eight times I have been trapped here, listening to the sounds of the outside & of the freedom that it calls. I scale and I fall and I struggle and scream and cry and beg and plead. My heart stays strong, my lungs won’t give out, but my tired soul is in desperate need. I need the battles to come to an end, I have fought more than I ever bargained for. And here I am yet again behind these walls thinking I had conquered that war. But I see in your eyes my future, my wedding, my children, my home by the sea. And I feel all my loved ones, present and past falling in beside me. I live the heartache, I battle the sadness, & stare into the pits of hell. But hells not a solution, no home for a girl like me. So I climb out of the darkness, and Ill never turn back. I walk away full of love, optimistic, and free. Death is easy. Life is hard. But I choose life. I choose hope. I choose me.

-Brittany Jane DeNorscio

The Daily Prayer (courtesy the salvation Army)

Strengthen me this day O Lord , for all that lies ahead. Keep me in Your care always and grant my daily bread. Instruct me in Your paths as I put my trust in You. Show Your love, through all I say and everything I do. Forgive me in Your mercy whenever I am wrong. Wash my heart of sin and guilt and make my spirit strong. Make me glad to lend my hands to all who are in need. Help me to relieve their pain, and may they soon be freed. I offer You my thanks, dear God, for all You’ve done for me. Hear my prayers and raise me up to closer with You be.