Prayer of Thanks

Dearest Father. Your love for us is beyond measure. Your grace, your completely unmerited and un-earnable favor, is sufficient to cover our most egregious of sins. And You paid the price of Your grace with the blood of Your only begotten Son. His suffering and His death completed at the hands of those you wished to call Your children “…while we were yet sinners.”

We know You’ve heard our prayers, evidenced by answers that far exceeded our expectations.

  • It is You alone we can come to for protection.
  • It is You alone we can come to for healing.
  • It is You alone that guides us and comforts us and gives us joy!
  • It is You alone that gives us eternal life.

Thank You Father that You are who You are and always will be.
Praise and thanks to You in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen