Church History

Groveville used to be a mill town, so there are generations upon generations of memories in this church. We recently completed a rebuilding of our Sanctuary and the effort is now being extended to our educational buildings as well.

It is an exciting era in the life of the people in the church. The emphasis in this ministry is upon children, which means children are our priority. We have children’s worship, a traditional Sunday School, and a nursery during worship services. We have also started a children’s night out Bible School on Friday night’s.

In 1830, Groveville had only ten houses in the village but, led by pastor Thomas Stewart of the Crosswicks Circuit the faithful met for worship. By 1836 plans were made for the building of a house of worship. One acre of ground was purchased from Richard and Samuel Jaques and the church was built at an entire cost of $999.49. A renovation of the Church was completed on December 1, 1887 at a cost of $2,450. On August 15, 1887 the cornerstone was laid for the new Church and on Jan 26, 1888 the steeple was erected. The altar was made from local trees.

In 1884, the Church was under the leadership of Pastor Blackeston. A parsonage was built in 1886. As the community grew, so did the needs of the Church. A community house was built in 1917, later replaced by an educational building in 1956 at a cost of almost $100,000. Under the leadership of Rev. David Seeland the mortgage was paid off and the Church continues to grow with the community.

Recently the Church interior has been renovated and the stained glass windows restored to their original beauty. Joyously, the Church continues to faithfully serve the community today.