Pastor’s Corner

We often get busy during this season. This week, I encourage you to slow down. I encourage you to take a break from the busyness and see how God is showing us how seemingly impossible things become possible.

I hope your holiday preparations are allowing space for you to be blessed and for you to be a blessing.  I’d like to invite you to explore the following question and then dive into some scripture this day. 

  1. Can you remember a time during the Christmas season when you felt overwhelmed instead of filled with the Christmas spirit?

Read Isaiah 11:1-10 • What is the character of the “shoot from the stump of Jesse”? How does this point to Jesus’ characteristics? • How are each of these godly characteristics different from their worldly counterpart? For example, how is Godly wisdom different from the world’s understanding of wisdom? • Read the contrasts in verses 6-8. What might they be alluding to or hinting at? Are there any surprises? 

As you consider your Christmas Gift list this year, I invite you to pray about  adding DeBow’s UMC to it. 

We are blessed to have you as a part of our church community and family.

This church is a place that families have been worshiping at for 186 years.  We would like to continue to be in the community and become a vibrant ministry in the community of Groveville and the City of Trenton.  Would you consider an end of the year gift to the church to help support the ministry that will be happening in 2023? You can mail your Christmas Gift to the church. You can send it through paypal to Groveville United Methodist Church ( or you can bring it with you when you join us for Christmas Eve Candlelight on December 24th at 11:00pm.

Be a Blessing,

Pastor Scott