Prayer Meeting Opening

Father. It is only by your grace that we minister in prayer as we do. Your Spirit called us out of our lives and homes to come here to lift up others, not only for their strengthening, healing, consoling and guiding, but most importantly for You be revealed to all as our great ‘I AM’.
We know we are unworthy, in and of ourselves, to do this work, but we are assured by faith in you, that we are called by you to be your ambassadors and that you make us worthy through Jesus our Lord.
And so, Father, we ask your forgiveness and that you make us clean again, so that we may enter into your throne room with courage and the faith that you will hear our prayers. Our prayers are imperfect, but you Lord are perfect and will do what is good and right with each of our requests. We know this and trust this by the many promises you’ve made to us in your word and by looking to the cross that took the earthly life of our Savior Jesus and replaced it with our eternal intercessor. We, humbly, with our savior, speak to you and ask you to exercise your mighty power to the benefit of all those we lift up to you.
In Jesus name.